The $100 Bio

The $100 Bio


You're amazing, talented, worth meeting, and worth hiring — and your one chance to make than impression will probably happen without you even being in the room.

The $100 Bio exists because it's hard to write about yourself. You're liable to boast too much or be too humble — or you'll be so worried about doing either of those things, you won't even start typing.

I'll take the information you provide during checkout and spin your facts into the golden prose you deserve, to get the reaction you want most.

Use your new bio on your company website, on your LinkedIn profile, in the program for the event you're speaking at next month, or at the bottom of the article you're about to publish.

Your bio will be 50 to 100 words long — depending on what and how much information you provide.

After you order, you’ll receive a PDF by email containing instructions and a link to an online form. Submit the form and you’ll receive your writing within 7 days — usually sooner!

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