About Wordy Deeds

When you shop at Wordy Deeds, you're hiring a professional copywriter.
It's a convenient, affordable, and no-hassle way to get the writing you need, without paying for extras like meetings and revisions.

The services offered by Wordy Deeds are small enough that most people wouldn't engage a professional writer or agency for help. And to be fair, most professionals and agencies can't afford to dedicate resources to small projects.

Wordy Deeds solves this problem by handling the exchange like a vending machine:

  1. Browse, choose what you want, and pay.

  2. You'll automatically receive an email containing a link to a Q & A.

  3. Fill out the Q & A and click submit.

  4. Within one week, we'll deliver your writing by email.

It's that easy. No time or money is spent on invoicing, meetings, or revision cycles. 

In short: you're only paying for the time it takes to do the work well once. And, you're in good hands.

Wordy Deeds is a sub-brand of creative studio Jetpack and all of its services are fulfilled by Anders J. Svensson. You’re welcome to check out his copywriting portfolio before ordering. If you’d prefer more personalized service with meetings and revisions, or you have writing needs that aren’t met by the offering on this website, Anders is available to work with you directly. You can find him and hire him at anders.ca