1-Month Supply of Tweets

1-Month Supply of Tweets


You need social media accounts, but you don't have time to find and post content. This service offers you a one month supply of tweets (30) relevant to your profession or industry.

Relieved of the content creation burden, you can focus on networking with other accounts and providing customer service.

Your tweets will be intelligent, match your established voice or brand, and will be perfectly written. You can define the mix of content, such as:

  • links to related content, articles, and videos around the web
  • facts/stats sourced from your existing marketing materials
  • facts/stats sourced from the around the web
  • quotes from relevant books, films, and industry notables

After you order, you’ll receive a PDF by email containing instructions and a link to an online form. Submit the form and you’ll receive your writing within 7 days — usually sooner!

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